Our When, Why, How?


Founded and developed to give special opportunities to the Adult Brain Injured and Multifarious Disabled community...  

We Gift Scholarships for Fun!


In January of 2016, Compass Creations, Inc. went from being a dream to becoming a reality! The paperwork was filed and the journey had begun!   In July 2016 Compass Creations received 501(c)(3)Tax Exempt Status. Our humble beginning with Fund-Raisers, and on-going T-Shirts and Entertainment Card Sales have given us just that...A Humble BeginningSo many Blessings!

In 2017 we began our Fund-Raising Efforts and as they continue into 2018 and beyond our desire is to bring more and more awareness to the communities that surround this very special group of individuals.  Every journey in Fund-Raising is an opportunity both to build Scholarship Funds and Awareness to each and every community we touch!  Another opportunity we are investing in will be Speaking Engagements with regard to our 'Why' stated below.  

We are excited and filled with anticipation to see the Smiles as we award each and every Scholarship!


Although the circumstances of this community of extraordinary people differ in many ways, there is a common denominator between them for many.  It is the lack of funds to explore the avenue of recreational activities and social outings which benefit the health and welfare that every individual is in need of.   For those who are able, and those that desire to be involved in the community outside of the realm of their immediate family circles, Compass Creations gifts the experience for fun through a Scholarship Program designed especially  for them.  It is our hope to bring people of the same or similar peer structure together, creating an ambiance of fun in surroundings where communication exists, friendships are made, and very importantly growth within themselves evolves.


Scholarships will be given based on financial need in increments of 25%-100%!  They will be chosen through an application process of which the Board of Directors will review.  The gift increments will then be decided on according to the need of the client and the funds available to distribute.  Because they are given based upon the kindness and generosity of others we will be arranging several Fund-Raising Events throughout the year, along with the Sales of our T-Shirts, The National Digital Entertainment Card, and (when we can) The Sales of Our Honey Bears, made from an Apiary in the Brighton-Howell, MI area.  Sponsorships are also needed and so very appreciated with regard to our Fund-Raiser Expenses. 


Any and All donations by way of personal or corporate are so very appreciated by not only Compass Creations, but by All who will be gifted through our scholarship program!  For any monetary donation given a receipt will be given to be used for tax purposes.  

Please see our 'How You Can Help' pull down menu to view the many ways you can help Compass Creations through your very own talents!  We are so very grateful for every single one, and hope you will be a part of this Very Special Fun!

We hope you stay close now... and invite you to be a part of this awesome business centered strictly around....

                             You Guessed It...

  Scholarships for Fun!


Giving Ordinary People, Living Extraordinary Lives

opportunities for memories to last a lifetime!

Sally Urbaniak,

Founder and Director