The Compass Creations Application Process

The Application Process has been designed to be easy and accurate.  Please follow the instructions below to submit your application today!

Sally Urbaniak,

Founder and Director

How to Complete Your Application Now:

*  Click On The PDF Button to Bring Up the Application

*  Print the Application

*  Complete the Application


*  Make a Copy of Application 

*  Email Application to  

     (If you have any questions, please address them in the Email.)

What to Expect:

*  A Board Member of Compass Creations will contact

    you and schedule a personal Application Review

    Appointment to go over your application with you.  

*  The Board of Directors will discuss your application

    review notes and, upon their decision, you will be

    notified of the Scholarship awarded to you per the

    desired trips individual expenses.

       Scholarships of 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% are awarded on an individual trip basis.

           Scholarships are awarded according to funds available, individual attendance, individual

           need, and trip location expenses.  Receiving one scholarship does not mean one will be

           issued every time.  


*  The Scholarship Award will be paid to the respite trip

    service organizer for distribution of rendered services.